Meet Playteks XR Fire Training — Empower. Train. Protect.

Playteks XR Fire Training, a collaborative innovation with the esteemed UAE NAVY Military division, leverages the power of virtual reality to revolutionize fire safety training. Our self-guided interactive program immerses users in a dynamic learning experience, enabling them to master the essential steps of fire extinguishing: PULL, AIM, SQUEEZE, SWEEP. Unlike traditional methods that require off-site training, Playteks XR Fire Training consolidates multiple initiatives into a single VR Training Station, optimizing space and resources for employers.

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VR Fire Drills, Real Results

Realistic Simulation: Immerse trainees in lifelike fire scenarios, providing a realistic training environment.

Self-Guided Learning: Master the fire extinguishing process at your own pace through a user-friendly interface.

NAVY Collaboration: Developed in collaboration with the esteemed UAE NAVY Military division for accuracy and effectiveness.

Fire Training, Reimagined

Incorporating cutting-edge VR technology, Playteks XR Fire Training transcends conventional fire safety drills. Users engage in a hands-on, immersive experience that simulates real-life fire scenarios, ensuring they are well-equipped to respond effectively. The step-by-step guidance—PULL, AIM, SQUEEZE, SWEEP—is delivered in a self-guided format, allowing users to learn at their own pace. This innovative approach not only enhances learning retention but also eliminates the need for costly off-site training sessions.

Employers benefit from the efficiency of a single VR Training Station, where various training modules can coexist within a compact space. It's a paradigm shift in fire safety education, empowering organizations to prioritize safety without compromising on resources. Playteks XR Fire Training is more than a program; it's a revolution in safety training, where virtual flames teach real-world skills.


Save space and resources by housing multiple training initiatives within a single VR station.


Prioritize safety without compromising on resources, creating a secure and informed workforce.


Tailored for universal application, suitable for diverse industries prioritizing fire safety training.


Cultivate a safety-focused workplace by providing innovative and effective fire safety training.

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Revolutionize fire safety with Playteks XR Fire Training. Experience lifelike scenarios, NAVY-validated precision, and hands-on learning in a compact VR Training Station. Elevate safety preparedness—virtual reality, real-world readiness.